Co-WIN App Covid 19 vaccine registration app

Co-WIN App

As per the latest announcements made by the Central government, the Co-WIN application will be soon be available for download and will help in recording the vaccine data. The government has also mentioned that this application is going to be free to download and no in app purchases will be present. The Co-WIN App will let all the Indian citizens register themselves for vaccination which is also going to help the officials in keeping a track of vaccine distribution so everything runs efficiently. You can download the Co-WIN App Covid 19 vaccine registration app from the Playstore and Appstore soon.

Co-WIN App: Covid 19 vaccine registration app 

The Health ministry of India has developed a mobile application which goes by the name of “Co-Win” which will soon be available for all mobile platforms. The Co-win mobile application was initially planned to release in the month of March 2020 for citizens to keep a track of COVID-19 positive people around them but then that app was released by the name of Aarogya Setu. The Co-Win application meant something entirely different and unique and the government had different plans for the Co-Win application so the development of the app wasn’t stopped.

Latest Update: The Co-win application is launched to help the citizens of India register themselves for the Covid-19 vaccine shot. The app will be launched soon for all the platforms and you will be able to download it using the official link given below. The app will also be available on Appstore and Playstore soon.

The Central Government has now made the Co-Win app official in a recent press conference. The officials also explained how this application is going to help the citizens of this country. Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan made a statement saying that the Co-Win mobile application will help in monitoring the COVID-19 Vaccines in real-time and also that the people of this country will be able to get themselves registered through this application.

Co-WIN App download

The government has announced that there will be 30 crore citizens that will fall under the “Prioritized Population Groups”. These people will be given priority for the COVID-19 vaccine over other citizens. The “Prioritized Population Groups” will consist of more than a crore healthcare workers who have been working day and night to fight the coronavirus. The Co-win app has been developed with the agenda to vaccinate Indian citizens against the novel Coronavirus or Covid-19.Co-WIN App

The list also contains the 2 crore frontline workers like security personnel and essential service workers. The rest of the list will be filled with the people older than 50 years of age and people with co-morbidities. This is because the virus can affect these people worse than others. You will be able to download the Co-win app and register for getting the vaccine shot shortly.

Co-WIN App Working

The Co-Win app will consist of 5 modules as stated by the government. These modules will help in creating sessions that will notify the respective vaccinators and managers. These 5 modules are-

  • Administrator module
  • Vaccination Module
  • Registration Module
  • beneficiary acknowledgement module
  • Report Module

Administrators will be allotted to each region and these administrators will be responsible of conducting the vaccination sessions in those regions. This is where the Administrative module is going to step in. The administrative module will record all the data from these sessions. 

The Registration module is for the citizens from where the citizens can get themselves registered for the vaccine. The beneficiary acknowledgement module is a module in which the of all the beneficiaries is going to maintained. Crucial details like the health and co-morbidity condition of the citizens will be uploaded on this module which is also going to help in prioritizing people who need vaccine more than others. This module is also going to generate a QR-based certificate once the COVID-19 vaccination process has been completed. 

The report module is going to be used to prepare reports that will contain information like the number of vaccine sessions that have been conducted, number of people who have been vaccinated and also the number of people who may have dropped out, etc. The vaccination status and the beneficiary details will be verified in the vaccination module.

How to download the Co-WIN App

The Co-Win application has not been released as of now but it will soon be available on different mobile platforms. The Government has not shared any details regarding the publish date of the app. Same as the Aarogya Setu application, the citizens will be able to download the Co-Win app from their app store/ play store and there will be no payment required for this app as mentioned by the officials. The registration for the covid-19 vaccine will be done only when the application is released and all the bulk data will be stored through the app on govt. servers.

The application will then verify the beneficiary details and update their status of vaccination. The citizens getting the vaccine will also receive a QR code to generate the certificate of vaccination and the details will be updated in the report session.

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